07 December 2007

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile & Christmas

Well, things haven't improved much weather wise and boredom reigns supreme, as can be surmised by the photos!

Since we are experiencing RV fever mom has started talking about going bigger. So, Wednesday mom, Marilyn and I took a trip to over to Junction City where there is a dealer that sells Forest River, Lexingtons. Mom has narrowed down the field to two. The Forest River Lexington and the Dynamax Isata.

The dealer we visited, Guaranty RV, just had the Lexington. A very nice salesman, Lance, showed us some different models. Pretty darned nice those. Mom was partial to the 28 footer. The only short coming she could find was not much outside storage. I wish she would buy a bigger rig cause I don't have any space in Clementine to call my own. I hang out under the dinette but that's where mom does all her work and I get kicked around all the time. The Lexington has it's own bedroom and I could hang out in there. The big consideration is the engine and mileage. Clementine has a Mercedes diesel and gets 19 mph. The Lexington has a gas engine and gets 10! I'm crossing my paws......

On the way back to Florence we saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. This meant little to nothing to me but mom and Marilyn seemed to think it was a big deal. I gathered it was a childhood thing. Or, you know, "You had to be there!".

A little farther down the road we stopped at this old abandoned house that looked like it could be haunted. Mom had to get out and explore around. It was all grown up with berry bushes. Thank goodness she left me in the car. Being thankful is not my usual reaction to being left in the car but I really was this time. A little ways down the road mom went to scratch something on her leg and let out a yelp. She had pulled off a big old tick! You know how hard it would be to find a tick in my coat? We don't have a problem with ticks and fleas where we live in Montana. Thank goodness mom had presence of mind to get me started on some K9 Advantix. "There may be bugs on some of you mugs but there ain't no bugs on me!!!!!":)

Yesterday we thought the weather was going to break so we headed back to Shore Acres and Sunset Beach, hoping to see some good waves. Well, by the time we got there the rain was back and that was that for the waves.

Driving along 101 we saw lotsa Christmas cheer. Oregonians seem to really fancy these blow up decorations. They are everywhere.

This morning it's raining again. Mom neglected to tell me that November and December are the wettest months in Oregon. Oh, well!

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