11 April 2013


Well, not really. I was such a brat yesterday I thought Kinsey might dis-own me. I mean I was into everything. The best trick I pulled was dumping over the trash can right after she dumped the vacuum dirt in it. I mean there was fine dust everywhere and my little white toes were brown. You shoulda heard her squeal!

I know I'm not supposed to get in the trash but the reaction I got to dumping it was just too delicious. It was so much fun I invented a new game. I go and flip the lid just enough to make a clap and Kinsey comes running. This is so much fun!!!

It was washing the bed sheets day and I really helped out there. (See photos)

Every time Kinsey let me out to get rid of me, there I was right back at the door. No getting rid of this rapscallion. I thought she was going to pop her top. I did qualify for a couple of time outs in the crate. I didn't care though because each time I was ready for a nap anyway. By the time she let me out I was ready to rumble and I did!

Later in the afternoon I did do something Kinsey thought was very special and redeemed myself a little. A bunch of deer showed up. They came to within 15 feet of me and I just sat on the deck steps and watched. I don't know what the big deal was but if she likes it, and treats for it, I'm gonna keep on doing it.

©Kinsey Barnard

Helping make the bed

Getting comfortable on Uncle Koty's couch
More help with the bed making

Proper little herding dog just quietly watching the herd

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Samuel Savard said...

haha! Molly you're a little naughty these days, but you are still a good dog! :)