04 April 2013


Oh my gosh! All my teeth are falling out. Are they supposed to do that?

I was chewing on a Nylabone this morning and spit a molar right out. Kinsey picked it up and saved it. Ewww! Yesterday we were playing fetch with a tennis ball and I noticed a canine tooth lolling out the side of my mouth. Surely this must be natural or Kinsey would be having a fit. I think I can feel some others in there popping up. She is quite protective of me. She kept asking what the little blood spots are on my forearm. I hadn't a clue. Now I think it's from these teeth falling out. Yeah, that has to be it.

I'm learning more stuff around here. I don't much like getting in the 6 wheeler. I fell out of it this winter and it has put me off the thing. Kinsey let's me run along after it and that's good enough for me. We were going to use this torch thing on the grass around one of the ponds but found a tree across the road. Guess next I'll be learning about chainsaws.

I got up inside of Clementine for the first time yesterday. I'm not real sure what that's all about but I'm am sure I'll be finding out. Koty's scent was all over the place. I guess he liked it enough to spend a lot of time in it. Maybe I'm gonna like it too.

Never a dull moment around here I can tell you.

©Kinsey Barnard

Costco peppers yum! Not really. I just like getting a rise out of Kinsey and this did it!

Am I cute or what?

Get a load of that ceiling


Samuel Savard said...

I didn't know puppies had a set of baby teeth.... Molly you're so cute!

Kinsey Barnard said...


They sure do! You ought to see the size of some of the new ones. I wonder how they fit in there. When I'm grown up no one is going to want to mess with my mouth!