29 April 2013


One of the very cool things about being a puppy is that just about everything is new to me.

Last week I got my very first trip to British Columbia. Such a trip doesn't require a lot of travel from where I live. In fact, our ranch is only a mile from the border on the Montana side.

Kinsey has this place she really likes to visit on the Bull River. It's called the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Project. It was my first time but Kinsey has been coming here for ten years. The Bull river runs through the project and has the most beautiful aqua colored water I have ever seen. Kinsey says this is because the river is fed by glacial waters. The river was low because it's been so cold there hasn't been a lot of melt yet but it was still pretty.

I got to get my feet wet in the river but I was none too happy Kinsey wouldn't let me off my leash. I think she was afraid I would do something stupid like go out too far and get myself washed away.  Anyway, it wasn't nearly as fun as our recent trip to the Koocanusa(see photos)

There is a nice hiking trail in this place so we set off on a walk to see if we could find the sheep. We didn't have to go far before we found them lounging in the sun on the side of a hill. It was probably a good thing I was on a leash because I got a little excited. Kinsey got excited too because there was a ram in amongst the ewes. She's only seen a ram here a couple of times in ten years. Usually, it's just the ewes and frequently it's nobody at all. The sheep just watched us and didn't seem to care much that we were there. They were a little curious about me as I was about them.

After Kinsey took some pictures we took off on the trail and had a good hike. There is still a lot of snow on the Kootenay Rockies. The mountains were very pretty.

I really like this British Columbia place and hope we come back here a lot! I know Kinsey likes it too so I'm betting we will. Yey!

The Bull River
Me in the Bull River
Big Horn Sheep
Ram with his harem
Ewe with her baby.
Big Horn ewes

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