23 April 2013


Yesterday was packed full of fun.

In the morning I got to go down to get my feet wet in Lake Koocanusa. The Koocanusa is this 90 mile long, man made lake that runs from Libby Dam all the way into British Columbia. We have a nice view of it from here at the ranch.

Anyway, we went to this place called Peck Gulch.  Right now the lake is really low to allow for the coming snow melt. This left lots of space for me to romp around. And, boy did I romp. (See photos below)

It was sunny but really cold. Didn't bother me any but heard Kinsey say she wondered how I could stand to be in that cold lake. Me, I found it quite refreshing.  Just made me want to tear around all the faster.

After lunch Kinsey headed out on the four wheeler to block up a fallen tree for fire wood. I'm still leery of that four wheeler thing so I just ran along in front. Leading the way to where I had no clue. I didn't know anything about chainsaws before today. When she fired that thing up I right away knew I wanted to keep my distance from it. What a racket! I busied myself exploring around the area.

What an extra fun day this was.


Water level way down at the Koocanusa

Oh my Gawd! I think I see a crocodile!
This feels so good!
OK, I admit it. I stuck this one in because I am so darned good looking!

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Samuel Savard said...

Glad you guys had so much fun.... your blog is really entertaining!