21 April 2013


We've been very busy here at the ranch. I'm mostly supervising Kinsey's work. I also give her play breaks which we both enjoy. Yesterday we did a bunch of brush burning. I'm not real keen on fire. I'm also not ready to make friends with the four wheeler. I'll keep my own four on the floor thank you very much! We also took the kayak out to the big pond. I thought about trying to hop in the kayak with Kinsey but chickened out.

I'm getting taller, which is really cool. I can reach things on the counters, I'm not supposed to jump on, way better. Growing has it's advantages. I recently snagged a cube of butter. Unfortunately, Kinsey is catching on to my increased stature and is moving things and farther from my reach. I also got a hold of her Kindle. Whoa, that wasn't a good idea.

There are bunches of blacktail and whitetail deer hanging about. Since we don't have any livestock I pretend they are my herd and keep watch over them. I've decided they shouldn't get too near to the house so I push them back sometimes when I think they are too close. But, those dudes are big and sometimes they push back! I nearly got clobbered in the head the other day. This is dangerous work! Below are some photos of me tending my deer flock.

 ©Kinsey Barnard


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