02 June 2013


Last week I had to go down to Kalispell to get the stitches taken out of my tummy. Thank goodness it was a quick and easy procedure. I must say I am amazed at what a nice job Dr. Rick did. I think he may be a closet plastic surgeon. The incision was tiny and has healed to the point where I can barely see it. My feminine beauty is unblemished!

For a treat Kinsey decided to take us to Lone Pine State Park. Lone Pine is a Montana State Park not far from Kalispell. In fact, there are some really great views of Kalispell and the whole Flathead Valley from up there. Seems like lots of people use it to get their exercise runs in. It was raining and people were running all around. My kind of people.

Ha Ha! I got her hat.

Along the trail

Patiently waiting for Kinsey to navigate her way downhill and catch up.

Just me looking nice.

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