23 February 2012


Since writing my last blog post Who Am I I've been giving the matter a great deal of thought with respect to marketing my photography.

I realize now that I have lacked focus. Part of the problem is probably ADD but I accept full responsibility. I've been all over the place with my marketing  efforts.  Like most artists I am far better at my art than I am at marketing.

As the song says I can see clearly now. And what I see is that I want and need to focus totally on my fine art photography.

My epiphany could be good news for fans and followers. Henceforth, the only print images I will be offering  for sale will be my fine art giclee prints.

What I'm going to do with the thousands of pretty pictures that I have taken, whilst searching for my art,  is make them available to the public as personal downloads. This means you can download an actual jpeg file and, depending on the size file you buy, you can do whatever you wish with it as long it's strictly for your personal use. You can make prints, note cards and screen savers just to name a few.

I'm just getting started with this project so you may want to bookmark the gallery and check back from time to time. I think you'll find some very cool images and I sincerely hope that you can make good use of them.

Just go to PERSONAL USE DOWNLOADS and browse away.

©Kinsey Barnard


Thomas Aaron said...

Awesome! I'll let my friends know!

Tom Aaron
FetchMasters, LLC

Walker said...

Thanks Thomas!