20 February 2012


Who am I? In some ways it beats the hell out of me. As a photographer I'm pretty clear.

I've been working on completely revamping my website and part of that project included updating my bio and my reason for being as a photographer. I thought I'd put it up in this space as well.

I began my photographic odyssey over forty years ago whilst studying for a degree in Journalism at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Raised on a ranch in Ventura County California my fascination with nature and wildlife is as old as I am. That I would find a way to combine the two passions was only natural.
From the beginning my heart wanted me to be a photographer, my head sent me down a path that was more in line with family expectations. I ended up a vice president in international investment banking in San Francisco. But, my love for photography and the natural world never waned. After retiring from banking I was able to spend more "quality" time with my camera. Eventually, with much encouragement from friends, I decided to make my work public.
My artistic inspiration comes mainly from Thoreau and Monet. Thoreau taught me about nature and observation. Through observation I have developed a keen awareness of the wonders of nature. Through my photography I endeavor to share that awareness with others.
Long before it was a popular notion, I believed photography to be an art form. Monet imbued me with the drive to attempt to create paintings with my camera. Using light and reflection, I pay homage to the impressionistic style particularly in "Bow River Impressionism", "Autumn Leaves" and "Whisper of Monet".
My goal with my photography is to create images that look more like paintings than photos. Images that once hung on the wall most observers would declare “a beautiful painting!”. 

I do this without the aide of digital gimmickry. Many images are exactly as they came out of the camera. Those that have had some editing received no more than what was done in a traditional darkroom. I no longer use colored lens filters because I get what I want more precisely what with a computer editing program. Other than these minor adjustments my work is au natural.

My primary canvas is water. However, I find extraordinary natural works of art can also be found in rocks, boulders, tree bark, pebbles, forests, clouds, fire, ice and just about anything anywhere, when I am truly looking and seeing.

The world is awash with digital photos. My focus is not in creating more pretty pictures, although I have plenty of those too. I am not out to excite, shock, thrill or titillate. My objective is quite the opposite.  I wish to show people the breathless beauty that is all around them. I strive to point out that this beauty can be found in the most mundane places, yet mostly goes unseen and unnoticed. I want people to look at these amazing works of nature and find something that soothes their senses and intrigues their minds. I want to create images that beckon the viewer to step off their spinning wheel, and spend some quality time with the wonders that are nature. Quite simply, I wish to show people a side of photography and nature that they may not have seen before.
"You can observe  a lot just by watching." Yogi Berra
I am an old fashioned kind of country gal. I believe my word is my bond and any commitment worth making is worth keeping. My fondest hope is that when I die I am in the wilderness with a Nikon in my hand and a smile on my face.
You can follow my exploits at my blog The Kinsey Kronicles and on Facebook
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Kinsey Barnard
Just a woman in the wild


Rilly said...

You and my friend Jeanne have 2 things in common....your Nikon and your love of nature. She's a true Alaskan. I think you would like her, so here's her blog. Forgive me if I've done this before. ;)


Walker said...

Rilly: I tried to go to the blog but when I got there there wasn't anything there? i.e. no posts

Rilly said...

I see it separated the url....here it is again.


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