12 February 2012


I was truly saddened to learn of Whitney Houston's passing. What an incredible talent.

I'm not a celebrity watcher so I really don't know that much about her beyond her music. I do know she had problems with drugs and a very volatile relationship with her husband.

According to an article I read this morning she has recently had some very bad reviews and a concert where the audience walked out on her. Hard to imagine. Sounds like a movie script.

Houston's story holds some important life lessons. You can be rich, you can be beautiful and you can be famous but that is no guarantee you can be happy.

Unless you have walked in another's shoes, you cannot know why they make the choices that they do. Still, no one has the right to judge Whitney Houston even though I think it's fairly clear that she made some less than optimal choices. But, it was her life to live and so she did. It wasn't the right way nor was it the wrong way. It was just her way. I just wish she had chosen a different way because at the age of forty eight she could have gifted us with a lot more of that extraordinary voice. Ciao bella!

©Kinsey Barnard

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