24 February 2012


I'm so far out of the loop when it comes to what's up with phones it's not funny.

I've been using the MCI card to make long distance calls for the past ten years. It's a pain in the patookie but I haven't bothered to find out a better alternative. I was wondering when the card would join the scrap heap of obsolescence. I recently got my answer. They are kaput on April 17.

I have a cell phone but reception where I live is so poor you can't carry on much of a conversation. I need a land line solution. I have ultra high speed internet from my local phone co-op but their long distance is 9 cents a minute! At least it was last time I checked. If they've lowered it I'm sure it's still not competitive.

Anyway, do any readers have some suggestions for me? Keep in mind I live in the middle of a National Forest.

Any ideas or recommendations would be the bomb!

Kinsey Barnard


Unknown said...

Before I started staying in contact with my hubby by Skype...computerized video chatting, etc. I used to get the long distance cards from the web.Even international ones. I could use my own phone and call a number using a code and pay a couple of cents a minute. I haven't checked them out lately, though. One you could look into is www.pingo.com

ackerrj said...

Agree w previous poster.

I have been a skype user for years, costs me $28 for anual subscription, free calls to US and Canada, reduced rates for everywhere else.

Upside, it mostly works, including video calling. Downside, tech support sucks, good luck getting billing mistakes fixed.

Other alternative: Get gmail. Its free and has built in phone long distance, US and Canada free, others very reasonable. Also get google voice (free also), which gives you a free incoming number.

My habits are to use the Skype for outgoing, and google voice for incoming...

Best wishes.

Bob A.

Walker said...

Thanks Stephanie, Michelle and Bob. Michelle I don't know what happened to your comment but it seems to have gotten eaten by a borg.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

LOL! It happens... I use Skype on OSX and I wish I could help you resolve you mic issues. As long as you don't have it turned off, I don't know what else it could be...