25 February 2012


Thanks to every one who took time to lend a hand with yesterday's query. And, there were a lot of you.

Apologies to Michelle whose comment I somehow lost. Sometimes I  am certain there are little gnomes out in cyberspace that just mysteriously gobble up stuff. Michelle has been a cyber pal since I got started with using the internet to display my photography, about five years ago. She is a gifted painter and if you get a chance you should check out her work,  Michelle Basic Hendry. Michelle cast her vote for Skype.

After getting so much Skype feedback I jumped on the internet and went to the Skype website, paid my admission, downloaded the program and .... can't make it work. Everything went swimming well until I did the the call test.  Dialing out, connecting, video streaming and incoming sound all working perfectly. Problem is no one can hear me. Which some may appreciate. ;)

Naturally, Skype is one of those places where you are supposed to hunt all over the site and try and fix the problem for yourself. I gave it the old college try but was unable to find a fix. That's when I went to fellow photographer, dear friend and mentor Michal Daniel.  Michal, Misha to his friends, is a renown theatrical photographer. Check out this video to see his AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Misha is long time Skype user as well as OSX user. It was Misha who pushed me kicking and screaming into switching to Mac. One of many things I will be eternally grateful to him for. We spent at least an hour trying everything he could think of, still no luck.

I also got a lot of feedback from my pals at Silicon Investor where I have been a member for nearly 15 years. A great bunch of guys there. And I do mean guys. In my nearly 15 years as a member I've only run across a few gals. A great bunch of guys but they take no hostages.

I called Apple Care and confirmed everything on my end was working properly. Then I went back to Skype and dug around until I found a place where I could at least send an e-mail to tech support. I sent them a message outlining all the things I had done. A few hours later I got a reply telling me to do all the things I had already done. I replied I had tried all those things and am now awaiting the next phase of this adventure.

If I get it figured out, and I'm pretty determined, I will let you know in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Thanks again everyone.!

©Kinsey Barnard


Heather said...

I thought Skype was a video chat thingy. Hope you get it all figured out, I hate it when I want to get something and can't get it to work.

Walker said...


It's phone, video and chat. You don't need to use the video if you don't want.