13 March 2013


OK, it isn't my real birthday. It's my, I'm four months old birthday. I don't think I'm getting a party or anything. That's fine because it's been pretty much a party since I got here about a month ago. WOW, a month already. It's true, time really does fly when your having fun.

Yesterday, I hijacked this blog from my human. It already seems kind wordy to refer to my human as my human so I'm going to start calling her Kinsey which is her name. I mean no disrespect of course. It just seems simpler. She says it's OK by her.

Kinsey is a nature photographer. I don't really know what that means but I must be nature because, so far, all I've seen her photograph is me. One thing's clear, she really has an eye for beauty. :)

Kinsey is a single person which is turning out to be great. She has nothing better to do than lavish all her love and attention on me. My new home is forty acres of heavenly forest. We walk the property every morning and I get to race around like a tiny black rocket. Excruciatingly fun! Kinsey, has turned out to be my personal treat dispenser so I race around but never too far. When she calls, I come!

We went to the Flathead yesterday. I'm still not crazy about that darned crate. I'll jump right in it but the second I see that door closed I become a brat. Not sure why. I'll probably grow out of it.

Kinsey too me to Petco, where the pets go for my birthday. WOW! Was that ever fun. I instantly forgot every mannerly thing I have learned. I was so excited to see people, other dogs and those smells. Oh, my goodness, those smells. What a fabulous gift that was. I also got a new toy.

Kinsey has been very generous about toys. I've got a box full to choose from. The funny thing is the one she bot me yesterday was the least expensive of them all and I just love the silly thing. It's a tiny little, rubber bear that squeaks. I toss it in the air and throw it around like a kitten playing. Don't know why but I just love the little thing. Kinsey tried to take a picture of me playing with it but I manged to foil her attempts.

For a four month birthday this was a pretty great day!

©Kinsey Barnard

These are MY toys!
My New Favorite Toy


Samuel Savard said...

Haha! That's great, now Molly has her own voice! Glad she enjoys her new toy!

Walker said...


It amuses me that the toy she likes most cost the least.

TexasRanchLady said...


You are a beautiful and lucky little girl. Even CuoreMia doesn't have as many toys as you! Her favorite is a little stuffed squeaky bone I also bought at PetCo. Have fun and be good.