16 March 2013


Well, that isn't entirely true. Kinsey cared but no one would listen to her when she expressed her concern about my tinkling pattern. What she noticed first was that when I went out I serial tinkled. By that I mean I didn't squat just once. I did it as many as four times. My breeder told her I was marking my territory.

Kinsey took me to a vet and he more or less blew her off when she suggested there might be a problem. After making her feel like she was being a hypochondriac on my behalf he said he could stick my tummy with a needle and draw some urine to test. I'm not really sorry she passed on that.

Finally, she went to another vet and picked up a specimen jar and made an appointment for yesterday. Well, guess what. Kinsey was right all along. I do have an infection. I heard her talk to a lot of people desperately trying to describe what was going on. But, no one even bothered to ask any questions. What is wrong with humans? Especially, those who are supposed to know stuff?

Turns out that it is rare puppies my age would get a urinary tract infection. Apparently, this is why no one paid any attention to Kinsey's concerns. So, I've had to put up with this condition since before Kinsey brought me home at least six weeks! Kinsey sent the breeder an e-mail about it and her reply was "interesting"and nothing more. I could tell Kinsey was very disappointed in this cursory response.

The new vet says I could have some kind of congenital thing going on. Apparently there is like a little sphincter type muscle in there that is suppose to close and keep bacteria from getting where it's not supposed to go. If that's the case the infections could be recurring and spaying could be delayed up to a year. Not that I'm in any hurry to get spayed but I'm also not wanting to have to go through heats.

Anyway, I'm on a ten day course of antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and I'm looking forward to getting this behind me. It's been very disappointing. I was making tinkling mistakes but I couldn't help it. Kinsey has been very understanding about it for which I am grateful. Now I think everything is going to be just fine.

If I could give Kinsey any advice it would be screw the experts and do what I do, rely on my instincts.

The day wasn't a total loss. I got to take a walk at Indian Springs. Nearly had a heart attack when a gaggle of geese took flight.

©Kinsey Barnard


Am I cute or what?

This was my very first time drinking water from a creek. So far I haven't been a real fan of water.

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TexasRanchLady said...

Glad someone finally paid attention to Kinsey. Hope it gets as all cleared up and you don't have any reoccurances.