05 March 2013


Yesterday I saw the most fascinating thing. Mollie and I were out walking in the afternoon. We came upon a dozen deer standing in the trees. Mollie took off like a rocket. She is unbelievably quick. I realized she was headed for the deer. As I watched Molly raced among the deer. The deer just stood there watching her. I panicked. I called to her and she came running back to me, which is in itself amazing.

What an incredible experience. It wasn't until I had Molly back with me that I realized what she was up to. Her natural herding instincts had kicked in and she responded. That tiny little black ball racing around those big deer like she knew what she was doing. Also, amazing was the deer response. They didn't run they just calmly watched as if amused. If it had been Koty those deer would have been in the next county. Their tolerance for Molly was simply amazing.

I took this photo just before the deer happening. Molly 03-04-2013

©Kinsey Barnard

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