11 March 2013


Today I learned to climb up a ramp and into my crate in the truck.

I needed to learn about the ramp because my human's car is an Expedition and so tall I would need a pole to vault up in there without one. Believe me I know. I tried to make the leap and landed in a heap.

Initially my crate was pointed forward through the two center seats. But, after our trip down the mountain the other day, during the POISON SCARE, things have changed. Can't say I'm sorry about this because on the way home the stupid crate tipped over three times! The last time I was upside down with my bedding over my head. I wasn't scared or anything but I was insulted.

Now the crate is lashed down and pointing out the back window. I'm still too short to see much out the window but I don't care I'm just glad I won't be wearing my bedding on my head.

I say I learned this but I only say that to make my human feel good. The minute she pointed to the crate I knew exactly what to do and ran right up the ramp and into the crate. For this I got a great treat.  I did it so many times she ran out of treats . What a gig this is.

My best trick of the day was performed whilst we were playing Frisbee. My human tossed the Frisbee which I dutifully ran and picked up. Half way back I performed a very cool trick that I made up myself. I dropped the Frisbee on the ground upside down. This made a perfect little saucer which I promptly squatted over and piddled in. It must have been a great trick cuz it really got a reaction from my human.

Here's some photos of my cleverness.

There I go right in that dirty beast
Aren't I cute as I await my command to descend?
My human is just tickled pink at my cleverness. More treats for me!
It's tough work being a clever puppy

©Kinsey Barnard

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