31 March 2013


Kinsey was right. That last storm was winter's swan song. Today was just the nicest spring day anyone could want, sunny and 65 degrees.

It looks like the blacktail deer have finally left for the high country. They have kinda put a crimp in my afternoon frolicking. Kinsey has been afraid to let me loose when they were around and I don't blame her there. Those guys are big and feisty. Today the deer were nowhere in sight so we took off through our woods to check things out. Imagine, I have forty acres to run around on. Eat your hearts out city dudes!

When I first arrived here at Dancing Deer it was winter and I was scared to death of water, keep in mind I was just a puppy. The ponds were partially frozen over and Kinsey was scared to death I'd fall in and drown. By mutual consent we have avoided the ponds. Today we finally checked them out and guess what? I'm not afraid anymore. In fact, I'm liking water more and more. Yippee! This is so great because there are two ponds and streams and creeks and oh my goodness water, water, everywhere. I bet I'll be swimming in those ponds before long. I'm not sure Kinsey is as thrilled by all this as I am.  That pond water is kinda stinky and the bottoms are definitely mucky. Oh, well, that's her problem not mine. It's good to be a dog!

I don't know exactly what I weigh now. I was 25 pounds the last time I was at the vets and that was a couple of weeks ago. I must be growing cuz every morning Kinsey looks at me as sez "I swear you grow in the night!"

©Kinsey Barnard

Playing with the deer in the safety of my enclosure
Pretty much in there
Racing down a hillside after getting the whistle call

Me looking beautiful by the pond

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