24 June 2013


For some time now Kinsey has wanted to have breakfast at the Pocketstone Cafe in Bigfork, Montana. So, last Wednesday she decided to give it a go.

Naturally, I got stuck sitting in the car. Kinsey told me she wouldn't be long. An hour later she returned. Seemed like a day. Things hadn't gone too well in the restaurant. The waitress forgot to put in her order and it was a half hour before she figured it out. Then it was another twenty minutes before Kinsey got her ham and cheese omelet. The ham was so hot she burned her tongue. Needless to say her Pocketstone experience wasn't what she had hoped for. I say, that's what she gets for going to a $10.00 omelet place. For once I was better off staying in the car! Ha Ha!

Bigfork is a very cute little artsy village on the Swan River at the north end of Flathead Lake. We wandered around the village looking for meet and greet training opportunities, which I am sorely in need of. Not my fault. I don't get a lot of practice up at the ranch. People were very friendly and I tried my best not to jump all over them. Also, I got nothing but compliments about how pretty I am. I felt like a princess.

I did get the fright of my life. As we were walking along we came upon this life size sculpture of an Indian chief on his horse. The second I saw him I bristled and barked. I planted my feet and refused to pass by. It took quite a bit of cajoling to get me to move along. The thing sure looked real to me.

We drove home via Creston and Kinsey saw an old red barn she just could not resist photographing.

Bigfork, Montana
The Indian who scared me.

The red barn in Creston, Montana
©Kinsey Barnard

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