05 June 2013


Monday Kinsey had some business to attend to in Cranbrook, BC. On the way home we stopped by Kikomun Provincial Park.

The idea was for me to get to take a frolic in the Kootenay River. It's a great spot for such. Upon arriving at our destination we were greeted by a posted warning of a cougar in the area. I think I'd probably make a really tasty morsel for a big cat.

Kinsey figured if we went to a spot in the open we would be ok. A cat would be less likely to come at us in an open space and we could see it coming from a good distance. If worse came to worse we could jump in the water. Cats don't like water, at least I don't think they do. In any event I had a great time splashing around in the river, racing along the rocky shore and we never saw the kitty.

After the river fun we went over to Surveyor Beach, still inside the park. It was too was posted with a warning about the cougar. The trail around the lake is beautiful and very densely forested. Lots of places for a cat to hide. Kinsey says cats make her a little nervous. They are the only large critters in the forest that will actually stalk you. Bears, moose and the like generally take off in the other direction, not so the stealthy cat.

We didn't let the cat stop us from taking the trail but I stayed on the leash and Kinsey kept a sharp lookout. Not that keeping a lookout for a cat would do much good. Those beauties can ponce on your before you know what's happening.

I guess you can tell from the fact that I am writing this blog post that the cat must have been taking a nap. We enjoyed our walk without mishap.

Over the past ten years that Kinsey has been coming here they have really spruced this park and campgrounds up. If you ever find yourself on Highway 3, about halfway between Cranbrook and Fernie, and want to take a rest you should check this little park out. Cougars or no it's a beautiful spot.

Bye for now.

Yikes! Look at that sign!

Big kitty at play

Trail around Surveyor Lake

More me on the Surveyor Lake trail

Frolicking in the Kootenay River
©Kinsey Barnard

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