22 June 2013


Ever since Kinsey came along and took me into her heart and home I have been a little in the shadow of Uncle Koty aka Lakota Sunrise. Nothing real bad but I know she still aches from his loss. Her eyes tear up and her voice cracks when she talks about him. Practically every place we have been she had been there with Koty. And when she tells me about it she gets all choked up.

I don't begrudge this, really. I get it. I can only hope Kinsey would love me so much. But, I have been wishing and hoping for new experiences we could call our own. Places to roam that neither of us have been before.

Well, my wish has been granted. This week we discovered the Mother Lode of trails in the Salish Mountains of Montana. Kinsey has never hiked here before and the place we discovered has so many trails it will be a very long time before we have explored them all.

On our first hike in this special place we ran into a skunk on the trail. Well, that nearly undid me I can tell you. I wanted to go after that thing like there was no tomorrow. Thank goodness I was on the leash. No telling what might of happened if I had not been. Think unpleasant aromas. We also found a pond. That doesn't ring my bell half as much as a skunk but Kinsey is dippy for water. So we both got our favorite stuff. I really can't wait to go again.

Me checking out a deer down the meadow

The Whitetail I saw down there.

Very pretty pond
©Kinsey Barnard

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