14 June 2013


I suppose it was bound to happen. That cute little puppy that used to sit quietly on the hillside Watching Over My Deer Flock has become a deer crazed adolescent.

Everything was just fine until one day those deer just took off and I took off after them. Now I get myself all in a tizzy every time I see one. As a result my wings have been severely clipped because there are deer all over the place right now.

Kinsey now takes me out on what she calls the "the long line" and is using it to practice getting me to wait or stop on command.  She let's me get about three quarters of the way to the end of the rope and calls out "STOP" or "WAIT". I'm supposed to stop in my tracks. So far I do real good when there are no deer about but when one pops up out of the tall grass I still get pretty distracted.

I'm a dog. Chasing is in my nature. So, I mean, seriously what would you expect? But, I think given enough practice I can get the hang of it and let the deer be. It's not going to be easy I can tell you that for sure.

Me at the end of my rope. Kinsey flat on her patookie.

My favorite squeak toy

All wet from playing in the pond

Keep in mind I'm just a kid.

©Kinsey Barnard

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