04 February 2013


I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I don't even have network television. Could care less about it in any event. The ads are available on You Tube. The above from Anheuser-Busch was so sweet. Their Clydesdale commercials are always heart string yankers. The one they run at Christmas with the Clydesdales pulling a sleigh and I'll Be Home For Christmas playing in the background really ripes my hear right out of my chest.

These commercials would get to anyone with a heart but they are special to me for several reasons. From the time I could walk, horses were my life up until I graduated from college.  When I was a county fairs were a very big deal where I lived and the Clydesdales always were in the parade and part of the rodeo. They were a little girls' dream. You could go to where they were being boarded, pet them and breathe in that incredibly beautiful horse scent. For this little girl it was like being able to stand in the shadow of gods.

Not much is the same for those of us born 60 years ago or more. The Clydesdales are a thing of extraordinary beauty that have survived. Thank you Budweiser for keeping this wonderful tradition alive for all to see.

©Kinsey Barnard

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