28 February 2013


There is a philosophy to which I subscribe and that is we all get our turn in the barrel. What that means is no one gets through this life without heartache. I live a truly blessed life here in a remote area of Montana. I have known more bliss in this place than any one individual deserves. So, now, it seems it's my turn in the barrel.

Within in three weeks Lakota, my closest friend, is dead. My little kitty,  Timmy, whom I grew to love even though our time together was short, is lost.  I do not believe he will be found. My guts are dripping from my chest. My sorrow is crushing.

Then there is little Miss Molly Montana who must be cherished and given the best life I can provide. I must pull myself up by my bootstraps and make certain she does not suffer from my pain. It's hard. It's very, very hard.

Kinsey Barnard

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