20 February 2013


I really thought I had things working in the crate department apparently I was only kidding myself.  After my one successful night it has been all down hill. Molly started whining again so loudly that I moved out to the living room couch. Every time she stopped I went back to my bed and every time she started up again I left. All to no avail.

She would stop for and hour and a half or so and start up again. I was afraid she needed to go out, so I would take her. Sometimes she would go, sometimes she would not. I didn't know which was which so I was taking her out four times a night. Soon I was spending most of the night on the couch so I could get a little sleep. Molly just kept yelping her little head off.

Yesterday, I decided I should reclaim my bedroom and put Molly and her crate in the guest room. I needed sleep. I also concluded that I was just aiding and abetting bad behavior by letting her out so often when she cried for it. I discussed it with Kelly, the breeder. We agreed I was being played. I needed to leave Molly in the crate for at least four hours no matter how much she complained. Which is exactly what I did.

I got up at two thirty and took her out. She made three water spots and we came back in. I never dreamed she might have some pooping to do. I also might have been a little quick on the draw because it was 28 and snowing. Her dinner is at 4:00pm. At 5:00pm we had romped in the woods. At 10:00, my bedtime, we had gone out on call. How could she possibly have any poop left in her? By 2:45am I was back in bed and Molly was tuning up her vocal cords. But, I was tough. I just let he whine.

At 6:30am I got up and went to Molly's room. I was nearly knocked over by the nasty smell. Molly had pooped and peed in the crate. Normally, dogs won't do this because their instinct is not to soil their den. Not so my little girl. I've been doing a lot of research on puppy raising and they say some puppies poop less than thirty minutes after eating. Again, not so my Molly. I'm starting to think that for Molly it's more like three hours. Anyway, I took her out but, of course by now there wasn't anything to do. She looked at me as though I were a leper and should stay the heck away. I put down her breakfast and she walked away from that too.

I was racked with guilt. I took her out for a walk and she wouldn't come back to me. It scared me a little so I headed back to the house. Once in the house she started retching great brown puddles. And what a foul odor they had. Turns out she had eaten her poop so as not to have to sleep in it. Mama Mia!

Am I ever glad I have a carpet that was in dire need of replacing before I got Molly because it is beyond awful now.

It is evening. Molly and I have made peace. All is well with our relationship. She is asleep at my feet. Tonight, I will give her more time to see if a poop is required. And, I will ignore her whining once again. I am confident we will get this right one of these days. But, good grief, I hope that day is soon.

BTW, last night we had the biggest snow we have had this winter. Raising a puppy in a Montana winter is so ..... refreshing. :)

How could such an adorable darling be such a handful?

This afternoon we were back to normal

Checking out the teepee

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

Thanx for your very descriptive story...it only confirms why I won't be replacing my two dogs when they depart. I used all my patience while raising my kids...who I didn't replace once they parted. ;D

Walker said...


You could always adopt and older dog. There are lots of those looking for a loving home.

I can't imagine life without a dog.