19 February 2013


Molly and Timmie are still trying to work out some kind of an arrangement. So far, Molly chases and Timmie runs. It looks to me as though Molly just wants to play but Timmie is not yet convinced. They are very amusing to watch.

Took Molly into to town to collect the mail and meet some fellas. She enjoys riding around in her crate. She's also quite flirtatious around men. The little hussy.

I found my first puppy chew casualty today. I had put my iPad next to Molly's crate in the house so I could play Pandora for her.  She chewed right through the charging cord, clean as a whistle. She won't be getting anymore Yanni for awhile. Maybe that was the idea?

©Kinsey Barnard

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Samuel Savard said...

Ha! I'm glad to see that you're happy with Molly, even though puppies can chew through expensive things! I'm sure Timmie and Molly will end up being best friends, but cats can take a while to adopt new members of the family. Take care, and keep us posted!