22 February 2013


Molly and I have been having a wonderful time roaming the ranch together. At first it was a little difficult for me trust that she just wouldn't start running and never look back. That was Koty's trick. Most dogs, Molly included will give some body language before they take off. Usually, it's the sneak look back over the shoulder to see if anyone is paying attention. Not so Koty. The minute he was aware that he was unencumbered he took off at a dead run without hesitating or looking back. He was driven to run wild and free.

So, I need training just as much as Molly as regards trust issues. I have to learn not to panic when the little monster takes off like a rocket out of my sight. It takes some serious self control for me to keep the voice moderated and not screeching for her to come back.

The recall to a treat has been working very well for us. In fact it has been like magic. But, now the snow is melting and revealing heretofore unknown treasures like Koty's old elk and moose bones and Timmy's poop. Why is it that puppies are crazy for cat poop? When I got Koty I lived in a place with an avocado orchard. Every cat for miles around seemed to use that orchard for their litter box. Koty was obsessed with the stuff. I remember being beside myself with worry until his breeder told me it was just something that puppies do.

The upshot of these treasures turning up is that I am losing Molly's attention. There is no treat made that can compete with cat poop. Game bones are pretty tough competition too.

Speaking of bones, Molly is an passionate bone hider. Shortly after she digs them out of the snow she slinks off and tries to bury them. It's really interesting to watch because the ground is still frozen so digging a hole isn't an option yet. She seems to favor the grass growing around tree trunks. After a little fruitless scratching at the dirt she places the bone close to the trunk and, with her nose, very carefully folds the grass down to cover it. Koty never buried a bone in his life as far as I know.

We are starting to work with a pet training clicker with some good results. The clicker seems to be able to do a better job of breaking through the poop obsession than my calling to her.

©Kinsey Barnard


Checking out the woodshed

Snow on her nose

Spoiled? Not my dog!

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