26 February 2013


Last night Timmy didn’t come in at bedtime. He usually hangs out on the deck at night and comes when I call. Last night he didn’t come. That wasn’t entirely unusual. Sometimes he misses the call but I get up later in the night and he’s there at the door waiting to come in.

This morning Molly and I went out for an hour and walked all over. I told Molly to find Timmy and she looked like she was looking. I called and Mollie sniffed and nothing. I went around and opened every outside door looking but no dice. I am very concerned for him because this country is full of predators; mountain lions, bob cats, wolves, coyotes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. How I would hate to loose our little prince. I keep hoping I’ll look out on the deck and he’ll be there.

Whilst we were out looking for Timmy Molly did something pretty impressive. We came over a little rise and ran into a half dozen blacktail deer. They started to run. Naturally, Molly's instinct was to chase. She started after them but as soon as I said "NO!" she stopped dead in her tracks and looked back at me. I called her and she came. I attribute this amazing feat to focusing on the positive rather than the negative in my training method. I try to set her up for praise as opposed to punishment. Molly doesn't hear the word no all that often.  When she does it's usually a soft "no". I reckon the hard "no" was startling to her and got her attention. Once I've got her attention I've got her. 

Molly got her first ride in the Polaris Ranger 6X6. The Ranger is my main ranch vehicle and the one I put my snowplow on. She sat right beside me and took it all in like it was a carnival fun ride. Actually, I call the vehicle Mr. Toad after the Disneyland ride. What a little doll she is.

Molly is doing much better in the crate at night. Probably because she is now getting crate time during the day as well and her lungs are probably getting a little tired too. I think the reason she has been such a hand full is because at the trainers house she had no discipline at all and she was nearly the last to find a home at 12 weeks. That’s a long time to indulge a free spirit. She went directly from the house, via a doggy door, out into an enclosure to do her business. She was mostly tagging along with the adult dogs. It was just something she did on instinct. Then she got here and some stranger was trying to tell her when and where to do her business. Molly is not a shrinking violet. She dug in her heels. She is an extremely easy going puppy but she's nobody's pushover.

It’s been two weeks now and I think we are both starting to get a better handle on things. Puppy raising isn't for sissies.

©Kinsey Barnard


Molly looks for Timmy

Molly get her first ride in the Ranger

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