14 June 2015


I'm taking a little break from the Black Hills trip. Still have lots of stories and photos to share. But, I wanted to tell you my grooming GOOD story. Some of you may remember my Dog Grooming Nightmare at Petco last summer. To catch up read it.

This year Kinsey wanted to get me an early spring cut, cuz I was already jumping in the pond and my long hair was getting grungy. Not knowing where to go after PetCo she asked a neighbor for a referral. I don't think we will be asking that lady for anymore referrals. The place was filthy and so was the groomer. She even let her dog tinkle right on the floor. It was pretty awful. The kicker was when Kinsey saw "industrial strength" on the shampoo label.

We were beside ourselves. How was I going to get a good summer cut? Then just before we left on the Black Hills trip we were in the new PetSmart store in Kalispell looking for some stuff. The manager wandered by and asked if he could help us with anything. Somehow the subject of grooming came up (You know Kinsey Blah, blah, blah, blah). Kinsey said "Oh, no thanks. No more corporate cuts for us". Kinsey proceeded to tell him our Dog Grooming Nightmare at Petco. She explained that it was a particular woman that was awful but there had been a guy there we liked but not enough to ever go back.

The manager said he would be happy to take us over to the grooming shop and show us around. We had time so we went. When we walked in all the groomers were heads down busy with dogs. Then this one guy looked up and it was Jake! (Please read the Grooming Nightmare story to see how Jake fits into our story.) We were both really surprised and happy to see Jake. We asked if we could make an appointment with Jake specifically to do the clip and the answer was yes. Since we were leaving for the Black Hills we promised we would schedule a clip when we returned.

Well, yesterday I went in for that clip and it was great. Jake was as gentle and caring as I remembered. I still don't really like getting groomed all that much. I especially don't like those noisy hair blowers. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda don't like being away from Kinsey. But, it was OK and I didn't panic at all. I really do like the free and breezy feeling I have with all that hair gone in this warm weather. Jumping in those ponds is going to be even more refreshing! Also, Jake found, removed, and reported a tick. That was a shot across the bow. We've never had a tick problem before so it was a much appreciated heads up.

Jake & Me at PetSmart
If you need a groomer in the Kalispell area, I'm not necessarily recommending PetSmart, but I am recommending Jake. If you make an appointment with him specifically I don't think you will be sorry. Certainly my experience has been really good. It's like Kinsey always says, "It's not about the company. It's about the people."

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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