29 June 2015


Today was kind of like a day of relaxation before we make the final push for home.

Kinsey did some straightening up n Clementine and the we made a junket out to the Missouri Headwaters State Park. On our way out we tried to find some baby owls we had been told about when we arrived. They were right where they were supposed to be. The owners of the park had taken some great photos but the owls had grown a lot since. They still wore some of there baby fuzz but they were getting pretty big. They were cool to watch. It's amazing how they can swivel their heads 180 degrees.

Horned Owl

Too bad we couldn't have been there yesterday when the clouds were so gorgeous. I got to stretch my legs a little as we hiked around. There are lots of trails and places to view the rivers that converge there. It's very picturesque.

On the way back we drove through Three Forks. The only other time Kinsey has been here was to pick me up in February 2012. Things look a lot different in winter. Three Forks is a quaint little town with the main edifice being the Sacajawea Hotel which has a nice restaurant or so says Kinsey.

Three Forks Wall Mural

We returned to the campground, had lunch and our daily nap. By around three o'clock it started to cloud up and we took off to see if we could find anything else interesting. We didn't get very far. Down towards Yellowstone were the biggest, blackest clouds I've ever seen. They were headed in our direction. It's absolutely amazing how fast a storm can close in. Before we knew it we were in it. The wind blew so hard the rain was going horizontal. It was all we could do to get back to the rv park. We got soaked to the bone just getting from the car into Clementine. The storm pretty much put a cap on our day.

Storm Clouds in Three Forks

By about six the storm had passed. Kinsey took me for a walk and then went out by herself. She wanted to see the owls one last time. This rv park is teaming with critters. It makes watching out the windows of the motorhome very much fun.

This will be our last day on the road. We are both getting a little road weary and ready to get back to the comforts of home. I'm ready to run free and play in my ponds and creeks. Traveling is lots of fun but I love to be free!

Ciao for now!

©Kinsey Barnard

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