10 June 2015


We pulled out of Glasgow, Montana bright and early and, once again, headed into the sun. We headed out on Hwy 2 until we reached Wolf Point. Wolf Point is the birthplace of one of Kinsey's childhood heroes, Monty Montana. Monty Montana was a trick rider and roper. He could do things with a rope that would make your head spin. The first time she ever saw him was at her grammar school when she was about nine. Over the years they rode in many of the same California parades. She really really loved that guy. His smile was quick, his face full character and his hair black as shiny coal. We just drove through but we did see a small sculpture honoring him.

Montie Montana
The road continued to be pretty dull. Just more wide open space interrupted by a grain elevator or a ranch every now and again. Kinsey says it would take a certain kind of person to live out there and she wasn't that type. Not only is it isolated but the winters are incredibly harsh. Most of the time the snowfalls horizontal the wind blows so hard. We never saw a river or creek that wasn't muddy. We must have crossed over the Milk River a half dozen times and every time Kinsey said, "They shoulda named it Chocolate Milk River." Nope, weeze mountain girls. That's for certain.

Our destination was Medora, North Dakota. It was really amazing when we crossed into North Dakota the landscape instantly went from boring to interesting just like magic. We arrived in Medora about 1:30pm. Stayed at a campground called Red Trail. It's conveniently located to the park. I think it may be the only private rv park, Medora is a fairly small town.

The Landscape became interesting the moment we crossed into North Dakota

We had lunch and headed over to Roosevelt National Park. The park entrance isn't manned yet so you are supposed to check-in at the visitor center. Kinsey must have had some kind of brain flatulence because she just blew right through without stopping. She wasn't trying to get away without paying. She's of an age she has a lifetime pass. The thing is, if you don't stop you don't get a map. By the time "the brain" figured this out we were too far in to go back. She decided we couldn't get into too much trouble if we just followed the loop. That's what we did.

Roosevelt National Park

A few miles in we encountered a prairie dog colony. WOW! They were so cool!

Prairie Dogs

 I'm quite proud of myself though. I wanted to chase those critters but remained relatively calm in the face of incredible stimulus. Not only were they running all about begging to be chased but they chattered the whole time.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to get out of this car. Maybe I should just drive off and leave her?

Our next encounter was with a great big bull buffalo. I mean this dude was a bruiser and he nearly walked right over Shadow. Honestly, I think he was bigger than Shadow! Once again I was pretty darned good. I never once tried to go through the windshield. Kinsey is quite proud of me. I got a lot of "Good girls". I'm very pleased with myself. Despite what Kinsey may think, I don't try to chase things to annoy her. It's my nature. It's also in my nature to want to please her. I think eventually we are going to find our balance.

Buffalo-Roosevelt National Park

Next we came across some horses lolly gagging in the road. Once again, I sat at attention but didn't make a fuss. I don't know if these were wild horses or not. Thanks to you know who I have no information. (We found out later they were wild horses) A funny thing happened with these horses. There was a white mare with a gray yearly leading the little band. As we drew up on them the mare led them across the road to the shoulder. No sooner did she reach the shoulder than she started back across the road so we couldn't pass. They zig zagged back and forth three times before a car came from the opposite direction and they stopped on the shoulder. It was the darnedest thing.

Wild Horses in Roosevelt National Park

Then there was the landscape, quite beautiful in a lonely sort of way. Old Teddy sure knew how to pick his spots.

Roosevelt National Park
Roosevelt National Park

If you haven't already, you can read the story of why we ventured to the Black Hills here.

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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