13 June 2015


Today we got our first opportunity to really get into the Black Hills. Nothing to be said for it but WOW! The road in the north follows along Spearfish Creek. Kinsey couldn't help but take a bunch of photos of it. Out on the plains there are rivers that aren't as big. I keep forgetting to get Kinsey to find out what's up with "spearfish". What the heck is a spearfish?

The Black Hills -Paha Sapa - The Heart of Everything That Is

It was sprinkling when we got up. And, I got news for you, it was "cloudy all day" on the range. We don't mind cloudy and we love cool.

There are many truly wonderful things about the Black Hills not the least of which is, it is managed by the US Forest Service which means I can use the trails. So, today was my day. We ended up on the Little Spearfish Trail. Their are so many trails out there it's hard to choose. We could spend months exploring them all. Little Spearfish Trail is a nice easy trail that goes along, of all things, Little Spearfish Creek. This creek is home to a whole bunch of beavers. There must have been a beaver dam every fifty feet. Darn but we didn't see any beavers.

Kinsey set me loose and I zipped around and splashed in that creek with reckless abandon. Got so muddy there wasn't much white left on me. Kinsey was completely out to lunch and didn't take any photos of my frolic. After awhile we saw someone coming up the trail so Kinsey called me in and I came a runnin' Kinsey just loves it when I do that. Turned out it was a man walking two beautiful Boxer dogs.

Kinsey really isn't much interested in tourist traps, like Deadwood, but after our hike we went over there anyway just to see. It's your typical western town with all the western bells and whistles. Gunfights, outlaws, gambling, and a hundred ways to spend your money. Kinsey says, If you've seen one you've seen them all." Being Memorial weekend the place was jumping.

Deadwood South Dakota

As it turned out it was a good decision to go over there if for only one reason. Kinsey has been complaining that all the history displayed for the tourists focuses on the white man. It's almost as if the Indians didn't exist. We came here to learn about the Native Americans. I guess when you are the victor it's all about you. But, Kinsey did stop in at the Visitor Center to check things out. Whilst she was looking around she heard one of the staff talking about "Tatanka" and The Story of the Bison. Turns out Kevin Costner built a place to tell the story. This was a place Kinsey wanted to see.

I can't tell you much about what happened as I wasn't allowed to go in. She was in there quite awhile and when Kinsey came back she was very excited. I'm sure she will write about it on her blog The Liberated Photographer. I can show you some pictures. The sculptures were amazing. Unfortunately, the sun was smack dab in Kinsey's face so it was a bit dicey on the photos. But I think you can get the idea.




By now the day was pretty well shot. So we headed back to Spearfish. We took a twenty minute nap and decided to visit the fish hatchery that is part of the city park where we are staying. Kinsey almost didn't take us here either because she's seen a lot of fish hatcheries. She's never seen one like this. The hatchery is named after the first superintendent D.C. Booth. Man, that guy lived the life of Riley! As fish hatcheries go Kinsey says this is one to see.

Spearfish Fish Hatchery

Ciao for now.
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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