24 June 2015


Today was supposed to be my day to get a great hike in. So, what happened? It rained cats and dogs. JUST SHOOT ME! We only had six full days in the Black HIlls and we've been rained out on three. For the math challenged among you, that's 50%. And, it seemed as though the rainy days were all my hiking days! No fair!

Around noon it was still raining but we venture out anyway. We went up to the VA place. It's a really beautiful campus. There is also a national cemetery. In our travels of South Dakota we have seen numerous VA hospitals and national cemeteries. South Dakota people really care about those who have served.

Veterans Hospital Hot Springs, SD

But, I think, nowhere more than Hot Springs. We ran into the lady that runs the visitor center whilst she was locking up for the day. She was a lovely elderly lady and told us many things about the history of Hot Springs. She also told us the residents really cares about the Vets, many of whom suffer PTSD. She says when one of them has a melt down in town they don't call the police. They call the hospital.

She also said the yo-yos in Washington wanted to shut the place down and build a new facility in Rapid City. How stupid is that? Close a perfectly beautiful campus and spend the money to build a new one in a regular size city. Seems to me the Vets would be far better off in a beautiful, tranquil setting like Hot Springs. But then, when did the humans in Washington ever do anything sensible?

Victorian Home Hot Springs, SD

Victorian Home Hot Springs, SD

There are some really beautiful old Victorian homes on the bluff overlooking the town. We tried to get up there but musta missed the turn. We ended up driving through a beautiful canyon just on the other side of town.

Hot Springs Park

Next we tried to find the Cold Creek Recreation Area. Still hoping for a hike. SD signs.

We found the park and little lake and it was a very pretty spot but it was still raining and the roads and trails were mush. We went back to town and walked the Freedom Trail along Fall River again. Better than nothing.

Since  was cold, cloudy and rainy Kinsey went to The Mammoth Site and took the tour. Below are some of the photos she took of the mammoth bones. This is an active dig. It seems that a few years back there was this sink hole that had grass ringing it. The mammoths fell in whilst trying to get at that grass and couldn't get out so they drowned. And, would you believe, every last one of them they dug up so far was a male?

The Mammoth Site SD

The Mammoth Site SD

That pretty much did it for us. We went back to Clementine and hunkered down for the rest of the day and evening.

Ciao for now,

©Kinsey Barnard

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