12 June 2015


Well we made it to the Heart of Everything That Is, Paha Sapa, The Black Hills, but, just barely. WOW! These Dakota drivers are worse than Alberta drivers, if that's possible. 85 down here is a two lane road and people were going ninety miles an hour and passing anywhere they pleased. Over double yellow lines, dips with no visibility and narrow bridges. I've been napping a lot cuz the drives have been pretty boring but I was awake to see us nearly get involved in a head on. Some yahoo started passing us right into on coming traffic. Kinsey put on the brakes to try and give him more time but it wasn't enough. If there hadn't been a tiny bit of shoulder we all would have been crispy critters. The on coming car was able to get over far enough to let the bozo by. We were three abreast on our left fender. We would have been right in it if he hadn't squeaked by. It would have been one heck of a crash.

As Kinsey is often heard to say "Thank the Lord and praise the angels" we made it to Spearfish. Spearfish is the northern gateway to The Heart of Everything That Is. For those who may not know, the heart of everything that is, is what the Native Americans called the Black Hills. It is easy to understand how the Indians named these forested mountains, with clear water running through them, the heart of everything that is. It was literally an oasis in the center of their universe. A dark beacon rising up from the grasslands that could be seen from miles away.

We checked into the City Campground. Another WOW! The park is drop dead gorgeous. Spearfish Creek, which is a big creek, runs right out our door. Cottonwoods and lush green grass are the order of the day. You can walk into town or be at Spearfish Canyon in five minutes.

Spearfish Creek

Our first order of business was to go to the Visitor Center and pick up some information. The office was "manned" by a lovely, fifth generation Spearfish resident named Misty. I don't know what they talked about but Kinsey was in there more than an hour. She got a big bonus. Kinsey has been worrying about her Memorial Day BBQ ever since she discovered she had not brought along her Lawry's Seasoned Salt. She brought along a couple of $12 rib eyes to cook and without Lawry's she was prepared to leave them in the freezer. You can't always find Lawry's Seasoned Salt.

Kinsey had found a Safeway on Google and asked Misty how to get there. She also mentioned her mission. As it turned out they were sisters in the can't cook a steak without Lawry's camp. Turned out the market right up the street carried it. I don't know how she does it but she just seems to naturally go where she needs to go to get what she wants. It's uncanny. Kinsey is now salivating for that rib eye.

We took a short drive into Spearfish Canyon, as far as Bridal Veil Falls. It was lovely. We haven't seen clear  mountain water since we came across the Rockies to the east side. After being out on the plains this had to be a mecca for the Indians.

Bridal Falls

 Lots a places to take a walk here at the RV park so that's what we did before we called it a day. It supposed to rain tomorrow so that may hinder hiking opportunities. But, not to worry there is plenty to explore.

Spearfish Walking Paths

If you haven't already, you can read the story of why we ventured to the Black Hills here.

Ciao for now.
Molly Montana

Kinsey Barnard

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