26 June 2015


We were up bright and early to start our push for Three Forks. I was excited because Three Forks is where I was born and I was going to get to see my parents and other relatives.

Three Forks Landscape

With a couple of potty stops and a gas stop it took us about five hours. It was a pretty drive and Kinsey did her photo whilst driving trick. It's a darned good thing I have nerves of steel!

Big Horn Mountains

We're staying at Camp Three Forks and it is very nice. Lots of green grass and shade trees. After we got set up at the campgrounds we headed for Out West Aussies. That's the name of the kennel where I was born. It was really exciting to see my mom and dad. Although, I'm not sure I really remembered them. My dad is particularly handsome and I look a lot like him.

My Daddy

My Daddy

I had a lot of fun playing and romping and hope to be able to come back again. My personal photographer was supposed to take photos of the reunion but she was kind of asleep at the switch and too busy jawboning with Kelly, the owner of Out West Aussies.

Yea! Me having fun!

Kinsey had thawed out a steak to BBQ and once again she got rained out. It started to pour before her coals were ready. Our neighbors invited her to use their Jennair so all was not lost. She ended up spending the evening over there leaving me to languish alone in our motorhome. For a woman who spends most of her time alone, alone with me, she sure is a regular social butterfly when we are on the road.

Me Languishing

We'll spend two nights here so Kinsey can get Clem ready to get stored when we get back. Tonight will be our last night on the road. I'm glad and a little sad. I'm anxious to get back to the ranch where I am free to be me.

Ciao for now!

©Kinsey Barnard

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