19 April 2010

Fir Crying Out Loud!

Today was a work in the woods day. I chose to tackle a huge fir tree. I think it was more like it tackled me. The thing must have been fifty feet long and had  branches the size of small trees.

The uneven ground didn't do my sprained ankle any good that's a for sure. Hard to believe it's been over two weeks since I took the spill. I was hoping to be back to normal by now. It doesn't appear meant to be. The picture below is me getting frustrated and taking a break. Of course, my person is absent because I have to take the picture. Probably just as well.

I got the beast of a tree limbed up and chopped up until there was about fifteen, sixteen feet left. Then I gave up! Man not even one tree to my credit today. Crikey!

I'm going to have to come back and finish this bad boy off next work day. What a disappointment not to even get on tree finished.

Course then there's my helper who mostly naps in the shade whilst I toil away. I can't even get the turkey to take pictures for me!

But, in all my stumbling around I did stumble onto some very cool natural designs. Below is a photo of an insect or worm that worked on this old fir leaving behind an incredible artwork in it's wake. What you see are actually the tubes that the worms work around in.

This next photo the tubes have been knocked off leaving intriguing tunnel designs. This one looks to me like some science fiction creature with many arms and legs. Human artists would have a hard time making this stuff up!

The last beauty that I discovered was some kind of fungus growing on an old  moss covered stump. Looks like a big old clam shell or maybe some forest troll poking it's head out of it's mossy home with a smile on it's face?

It's hard to believe I have lived, worked and explored this land for eight years and still I discover things I've never seen before.

Awesomely, beautiful day today. Spring has sprung and the grass is turning green. It's great working in the woods even if I don't get much work done!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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rajani said...

Firstly it’s a very nice photo and also rare one. Mainly 3rd, 4th and 5th photos are bit artistic and last One is also good.
It just made us to think it as animal, Black and green color makes it to look bit realistic.

I think you did the appreciable job.

kimberly said...

I enjoyed your photos very much, and also your comments about KotyBear... what a great dog! SInce my brother David wants us to be introduced, I'll take this opportunity to say "Howdy!"

Dave said...

Your artistic eye caught the work of the Douglas-fir beetle (Dendroctonus pseudotsugae) The vertical gallery is mined out by the adult beetle, which attacks the tree from outside. The adult lays eggs along this gallery, and when the eggs hatch the larvae mine out the side galleries. The pattern you saw is a diagnostic clue to the identity of the insect.

The conk is the fruiting body of a fungus called redbelt fungus (Fomitopsis pinicola) which decomposes dead conifers.

I had the same kind of battle you did with the Douglas-fir tree, only in my basement trying to surface mount two lousy outlets on the wall of my library. I hate Chinese products. They look good, but the materials do not stand up. I spent about ten hours doing a job which should have taken one.

Kinsey Barnard said...


Thanks for dropping by!

The New Monet said...

Interesting read and great pictures.
A day in the life of Kinsey!