16 April 2010

Pinkham Creek - Montana

In the Kootenai National Forest there are many creeks. I try to photograph as many as I can for each has it's own distinct beauty. Pinkham Creek is a local favorite for camping and fishing but at this time of year it is still deserted. As you can see there is some snow sticking around.

Koty, my Siberian Husky nearly gave me a heat attack on this junket. Koty is always on a 16 foot retractable leash attached to me by a belt. If he weren't on a leash he'd be in the next county before I could call his name. Such is the nature of huskies. Click here to see photos of "The Beast".

Anyway, whilst I was studying the scene below Koty went over the bank to get a drink in the creek. I didn't think anything of it until I looked down. Without my realizing, he had leaped off what turned out to be a nearly six foot ledge and there was no way he wanted to try and jump back up. I took a nasty spill over Easter and sprained my ankle quite badly so there was no way I wanted to jump down. I was barely gimping around as it was. A momentary bit of a panic ensued.

Thanks be to the gods I had recently bought him a harness to use instead of a collar. After much cajoling I was able to get him to take a leap at the ledge where he got a tiny grip on the lip of the ledge and I was able to haul him up by the harness. That wasn't easy either, he weighs in at 65 pounds. This kind of excitement I can do without! :)

As always I was looking for some special images that would portray the true beauty of the creek. I think I, as well as most people, are drawn to the effects of water flowing in slow motion.

What I like, in particular, about this image is the clarity above the fall showing the rocks under the water. Of course, everyone knows I am a bit daft but I could get lost in this photo for quite  time. Really, it's amazing that I'm not lost most of the time! Hmm, perhaps I am and don't know it!

The above photo is kind of a still life in motion. Of course that is a contradiction in terms but I think if you study on it you'll see what I mean.

Another point I would like to make is that I am frequently hearing people moaning about cloudy and/or rainy days keeping them from making good pictures. I say poppycock. Cloudy, rainy weather is awesome for getting deep and saturated color. Put on your raincoat and boots and get out there! It was showering the whole time on this shoot.

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