18 April 2010

Saturday Sojourn

Yesterday I spent the morning raking up pine cones, got lots of those, and cutting up yet another big old larch that had fallen prey to insects and wind. I'm generally only good for one or two trees. It's a lot of very hard work, cutting one up and stacking the wood.

Koty, is no help. He just hangs around whining "When are we going for a hike?!" As usual I promised him we would "go". A lot of power in that tiny little word. Koty goes crazy when I say it. Such enthusiasm. Such joi de vivre.  I love him so. If you're not yet acquainted with Koty I wrote a little about My Best Friend a while back that may be of intrest.

Anyway, by the time I'm finished with my ranch work I am not hankering for a forty mile hike but a promise is a promise, and I do not break promises to my dog or anyone else. Late in the afternoon we headed up the mountain. Days are already long here in Montana. It doesn't really get dark until around nine. At this time of year I can work in the morning, have lunch, take a nap and then go all over again. It's like getting two days for the price of one. Which is good because at my age I need all the days I can get.

We took a route we have taken a thousand times before but the trip is never the same and I  always see something new an interesting. Ironically, the first interesting thing I saw was this rather handsome example of exactly what the larch I'd just cut up looked like at it's core.

My next discovery was lichen on some boulders. The boulders around here look like they come from a another planet. I'd forgotten how interesting they are to study.

Lichen on Boulder by Kinsey Barnard
Lichen on Boulder by Kinsey Barnard****Click on photo to purchase

It's a well established fact that I am a bit daffy but I truly think this ancient rock is just beautiful, so intricate and delicate of design. I seem to be on a real roll here with natural designs? Check out my Natural Designs Gallery. There's some very interesting stuff in there.

Rock and Lichen by Kinsey Barnard
Rock and Lichen by Kinsey Barnard****Click on photo to purchase

An hour out was about all the energy I could muster but Koty was happy and so was I. What more could a country girl ask for?

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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love it-byron

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