24 April 2010

Rendezvous- Eureka, Montana

Every spring Eureka, Montana celebrates what is called "Rendezvous". In the early days Rendezvous was a time, in the spring, when white men and indigenous people got together to trade goods and tall tales. It was a time to celebrate having survived another hard winter and looking forward to the bounty spring would soon bring.

My favorite part of this celebration has always been the black powder shoot.  People dress in authentic costume and shoot black powder weapons.

Even the women get on on the shooting and costuming.

Over the years many, more modern activties have been added, hot rods, motorcycles etc. It seems to me the authentic themes are going the way of the Dodo Bird even up here in the far north. But, such is the way of the world.

I had to go into town so I decided to drop by the shoot. As usual I ended up with more shots of the landscape than of the people.

There's just nothing like the big sky of Montana.

Rendezvous-Eureka Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Rendezvous-Eureka Montana by Kinsey Barnard

Got a little tepee happy but you must admit. It was awfully beautiful!

Tepees and Rainbows by Kinsey Barnard
Tepees and Rainbows by Kinsey Barnard

There is also a parade downtown. Downtown consists of about four blocks. It gets way too peoplefied for me but on the way to the post office I was treated to this scene coming down the highway.

It occurs to me that if the world comes unglued things will go on just fine in this part of the world. We live so close to the time that once was the transition would be seamless in many respects.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Unknown said...

Great Photos once again!

Walker said...

Thanks Monet.

Linda Stoof said...

Really nice! I like the picture of the tepees, and the horse. ^^

So cute.

Dave said...

That celebration puts me in mind of the Spokane House encampment here every spring. People come dressed in 1810-20 period costume and live and do primitive tasks of that era. I recommend that you come over some day and visit it.

Walker said...

Thanks Linda