09 April 2010

Nature: The Ultimate Designer

There isn't much about nature that doesn't fascinate me. To say photographing some aspect of it is my favorite is an oxymoron. But, nevertheless, photographing patterns and designs in nature is one of my favorite subjects. So, today I thought I would share some of my favorite natural designs.

First up is sandy beach that I photographed on the shores of Lake Koocanusa. At this time of year the lake has been drained low and sandy beaches have been exposed. The wind blows a gale down in this veritable hole leaving delicate designs such as those below in it's wake. No, the sand isn't really blue, I used a blue filter to make it so. Just whimsy on my part.

Blue Sand by Kinsey Barnard
Blue Sand by Kinsey Barnard

This next photo is of driftwood sitting on Florence Beach in Oregon. If this were a painting, which it nearly looks like, people would be talking about the graceful flow of the brushstrokes. Yet no human hand made this design. It was years and years of wind, rain and surf. There was no intentional effort expended to create this work of art. It simply exists and allows itself to be molded and recreated by the passing of time. What could be more beautiful? A purple filter was used here.

Driftwood by Kinsey Barnard
Driftwood by Kinsey Barnard

Below is one of my favorite favorites. It is nothing more than Ponderosa bark but looks like a woodcarving from a master carver. Fortunately, the lighting was just right to show off the exquisite color and texture of the bark. I can imagine a human wood worker spending hour upon hour trying to create something as lovely and interesting as this yet Nature does it effortlessly without intention.

Ponderosa Bark-4 by Kinsey Barnard
Ponderosa Bark-4 by Kinsey Barnard

And then there are the incredible designs Nature imprints on living things. I'm not certain what kind of shell this is but one thing I know for sure is you don't want to accidentally leave it in your car when you cross the border into Canada because US Customs will try and confiscate it when you return! I live near the border with British Columbia and travel into Canada regularly. One day not long ago I forgot I had the shell with me and Customs had a fit when I tried to enter with it even though I had left with it. The shell belonged to my mother and has been in the family oh maybe thirty years.

But, I digress. Just look at the intricate design this shell exhibits. If a human artist had created it people would be all a twitter (pardon the pun). Yet, Nature's artistry is all around us all the time and mostly goes unnoticed. Gads we humans are arrogant and dim. If anyone knows what kind of shell this is I would appreciate a heads up.

Sea Shell by Kinsey Barnard
Sea Shell by Kinsey Barnard

As you can see from the above illustrations Nature really is the ultimate designer. And, as they say, you just can't make this stuff up although we humans continuously try. Next time you are out in nature make a point of paying attention to what surrounds you. I think you will be amazed.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


Trevor David Betts BA (Hons.) said...


You have some really beautiful, colourful yet very simple images.

I really like your blog, and I intend to visit it on a regular basis. Good luck with your photography and blogging.



Koty Bear said...

Thanks for visiting Trevor!