29 April 2010

Spring Has Come Unsprung!

For the past week we have been having periodic rain showers. It was the "Spring showers bring May flowers" kind of thing. But, this morning it was just plain cold and snowing. It's typical rocky mountain weather and typical spring weather but it still takes me by surprise. Even the whitetail looked a little startled by the whole thing.

I always feel sorry for the deer because this cold and rainy weather will most likely continue on into May and that is when they drop their fawns. It seems like a cruel trick to serve these tiny newborns up into this cold wet world straight from the warm nest they have been gestating in. I often wonder how they survive, sometimes they don't.

But, the weather is mighty fickle around these parts. And maybe it will be warm and sunny when the wee ones come. I sure hope so.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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