25 April 2010

Moose Encounter in Montana

Today was another work in the woods day. I did pretty well I cut up seven trees. Course, I had already removed the limbs this winter so it takes a lot less time. My back is killing me! The pile below is just one tree.

I wasn’t going to post to this site today but I am compelled. Whilst I was toiling away with my chainsaw I had a wonderful encounter with Mildred the Moose and Earl, Jr. Mildred and a much smaller Earl dropped by last fall. Came right up to the house and looked in the picture window. I’m fairly certain it the same cow and calf.

I was taking a break when I heard thrashing and crashing. This is always a sign that something big is close by. I looked but didn’t see anything so I went back to my sawing. About ten minutes later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. And, there, about fifty feet away was a mother moose and her yearling just moseying by. I turned off the saw and watched. Then I called out “Hello, mama!” They stopped to look at me. The animals always do. I gave them my special salute. It was a truly magical moment. They stood there for several minutes and something passed between us.. Mother Nature really loves me this week, a mountain lion and moose encounter in the same week?

Sorry, there are no photos. There never is when encounters with big game take place at my ranch. In this life one must make choices, have priorities. I cannot be a photographer and at the same time be in the moment with these wondrous creatures. Being in the moment with the wildlife in the privacy of my ranch, is for me, worth a thousand award-winning, moneymaking photographs. The images of these intimate moments will live with me until the day that I die. That is all the reward I will ever need.

But I do want to share with you my favorite moose photograph. Sure wish I had that big boy down here to help me with the logging! This is my My Favorite moose photo.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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bglen said...

Moose moments are not for sharing just enjoying
a momma and a calf- oh my-


aka S.A.M.

Linda Stoof said...

Congrats on your moose encounter! They're so adorable.

Also, daisy is really cute. Reminds me a itty bitty, a rabbit that lives in our yard.

She jumps around, plays with you, and
occasionally lets you pet her and feed her.