28 April 2010

Rainy Days and Rainbows 4-27-10

I had to make a business trip to the "big" city. I was lugging along some of my artwork so I had to leave Koty home. By way of an apology I bot him a new toy one of those ones with a squawk box in it, big mistake. He nearly drove me nutz but he did wear himself out, eventually.

It rained most all of the day but at exactly 8:49 pm there was a break in the weather and this happened.

Rainbow Over Dancing Deer by Kinsey Barnard
Rainbow Over Dancing Deer by Kinsey Barnard

Honest to Pete I have never seen such a vibrant rainbow in my life.

It had an enormous arc that I could not get entirely in the frame.

It must have lasted ten minutes. I don't think my photos really do the real thing justice but there it is.

After the rainbow show the sunset was pretty tame but still colorful and lovely. There was a lot more ray action in the real deal.

April Sunset by Kinsey Barnard
April Sunset by Kinsey Barnard

Oh, what a dull boring place in which I live. It's a rotten job but somebody has to do it! ;)

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Linda Stoof said...

Really nice! I like the second one the best.

Kinsey Barnard said...


Kinsey Barnard said...

Hmmmm, I didn't get Linda's comment until today?