06 May 2010

Cinco de Mayo Snow - Name That Bud

Well, imagine my surprise when I awoke to three inches of snow on the ground! That's as good as some of our winter storms. My history here is short, eight years, but it is the first time that has happened in May. It was none too warm either, in the thirties.

But, as is normal, the snow had disappeared by mid afternoon. Koty was whirling around trying to get me out for a walk. He's still making good use of that squawk box toy I bot him. What was I thinking?

Koty is like an exercise junkie. His addiction must be fed so off we went. The first thing that caught my eye was this bud. Buds are finally starting to pop out all over and the trees are getting there leaves. I'll give the first person to accurately identify this bud five dollars. I know five dollars isn't much but I still bend over to pick up a penny!

Next we stopped off at a pond and found a couple of goldeneye chasing each other. The little girl came in just close enough so that I could get a shot, she having tired of the game. Goldeneye are really beautiful little ducks. But, as is true in most of nature the males get all the looks. :) goldeneye male

I'm beginning to think I'm stuck in a rut as I continue to be fascinated with designs and patterns in nature. I found this knot on a tree stump.

Boulders continue to provide me with endless designs. I think there must be as many designs as there are boulders and that's a lot of design work.  I have an entire gallery of natural designs.

This last photo will have to stand as my favorite of the day. Again, it's just a natural design provided absolutely without cost by Mother Nature. Gads she is a generous lady. This is a photograph of pebbles beneath a running creek. It looks like a mosaic to me.

So, I give thanks for another wonderful day in this wonderful place. Remember always, dreams do come true. I am living proof.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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