31 May 2010

Mule Deer, Whitetail, Hawk, Eagle & Tanager Images

The mule deer are still sticking around. It's still snowing in the high country. They are starting to look a little natty as they shed their winter coats. Soon they will be a beautiful tan color.

The whitetail are also here and soon should be starting to drop their little babies. The photo below is of a what is going to be a very nice whitetail buck. His antlers are now only little velvet nubbins but from the size of those nubbins he's going to be a beauty. What a curse. The more beautiful they are the more determined people are to kill them. Please spare me the rhetoric about the necessity of management. I understand the need. I also understand few go out looking for deer without antlers, no bragging rights you see.

When this buck saw me he took off with his flag flying. I just love whitetail tails when they run.  The deer have been incredibly frisky, flying around my meadow with reckless abandon weaving in and out between the apple trees. I watch for at least twenty minutes almost everyday. They are so happy and high spirited. Such incredible joi de vivre. That they share their joy with me is so very special.

Down along the Tobacco we saw this red-tailed hawk take off. Big dude this one was.

Last year I noticed some eagles hanging around the river down by Pidgeon Bridge. I guess they decided it had home potential because they have built a nest high in an old cottonwood along the river. In the photo you can just make out the nappy little head of a baby bald eagle. It's in front of the eagles chest on the right.

Also, spotted a Tanager. I often mistake this bird for an Oriole they have similar coloring.

They are quite pretty birds.

Well, that's just a little of what Nature had in store for me the past couple of days, a never ending kaleidoscope of indescribable beauty.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


The New Monet said...

These are some awesome pictures Kinsey. Fantastic! I'll post one the whitetail deer image in my facebook page.

Dave said...

Wonderful pictures! No doubt you use a tripod for telephoto shots, but how do you get such good images?

I want to start getting bird pictures. Could use some advice.

Kinsey Barnard said...

Thanks Ginette!

Kinsey Barnard said...


I would be happy to help but you need to be a little more specific.

Ask me a question and I will answer. Be sure and click "e-amil follow-up comments" That way we can converse so that perhaps others may benefit.

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