16 May 2010

Morro Bay Harbor - Giant Cedars Montana

I've decided to try my hand at a remodeling project. I've never tried one around here and it's turning out to be much more than I had bargained for.  In the "other world" I just called a decorator and told them "Make it so!" Where I live now one is pretty much on their own. You can hire the work done but the rest is up to you. And since Home Depot and Lowes are 75 miles away a small bathroom project is turning into a major undertaking. It also doesn't help much that I'm not very domesticated.

All this to say I haven't been getting out much with the old magic box. I have been doing a little housekeeping as regards my image files. It's a chore I dread but really needs to be done. I am coming up with some very nice stuff that has never seen the light of day, that's always exciting.

This first image is of Morro Bay Harbor in California. In the winter of 2008 I was asked to speak at my alma mater, Cal Poly-SLO, so I decided to make a winter of it. In good old Clementine, I photographed the west coast from southern Washington to Avila Beach. We took nearly six months to do it and it was one of the best photographic experiences of my life. Photographing the coast in winter is simply the best. It's cold. It's gray. It's wet. It's blustery. It's simply wonderful! The ocean is at it's most dramatic and until you get down to the Bay Area you pretty much have the place to yourself.

I stayed in Morro Bay for about a week and it was a photographer's dream. This first image is of the harbor at Morro Bay. It was taken as the sun was setting. The lighting was just right to give the boats interest and the colors great depth.

Morro Bay Harbor by Kinsey Barnard
Morro Bay Harbor by Kinsey Barnard

Back in Montana, in the summer of 2008, we took a trip over to Bonner's Ferry, Sandpoint and environs. We made sort of a loop trip traveling over on Hwy 2 and returning via 200 along the Clark Fork River and up 56 back to 2 along the Bull River. Along 56 you will find the Ross Creek Nature Trail and the Giant Cedars and believe me they are giant! If you like cedars you need to see these. They are magnificent! In the photo you can see the little nature trail which meanders along a babbling brook.

Giant Cedars Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Giant Cedars Montana by Kinsey Barnard

Personally, I am a little dippy about cedars. I just think they are such elegant trees. A week or so ago I was over in the West Kootenai and shot this photo of a cedar branch. I think it captures just how unique is the foliage. It looks like a delicate lace to me.

Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard
Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard

Isn't Mother Nature grand?!

©Kinsey Barnard Phtography


Dave said...

I've seen those very cedars. Aren't they beautiful?

There's another cedar grove I love down on the Brushy Fork of the Lochsa, called the Bernard DeVoto Memorial Cedar Grove.

I remember when DeVoto camped there, researching for his Lewis and Clark Journals. My pard's father was the ranger and we went out to visit with him. We were kids then.

Kinsey Barnard said...

I'll make a note to visit next I'm in the area.