10 May 2010

Wood Ranch aka The Apple Orchard 05-09-10

Koty and I took a hike over at the Wood Ranch. Folks around here refer to it as The Apple Orchard. The ranch was an old homestead that was traded to the state some years back. It is now winter range for elk and mountain sheep. It also has, IMO, the best view you'll find of the Tobacco Valley. You will note some little ears at the bottom.

They call it the Apple Orchard because the original apple trees are still standing. They are probably a hundred years old and are not in too good shape but the trees are there,  they do produced apples in the fall and the bears come for them every year.

The photo below was taken a couple of years ago. The fence is no longer standing.

Everything that remains of the original settlers is falling away. The old cabin's roof has completely fallen in and soon all that will remain are the rock walls. I found this design in the collapsed roof that I thought was rather intriguing. It looks like some kind of face. There is also an old rusty nail and it's shadow.

The picture below is a photo of a large chunk of the old weathered wood that contains the image above. I rather find this old wood fascinating. The face is almost like a spirit in the wood.

Still not a lot of wildflowers about yet. Been too cold for things to really get underway. I realize dandelions are weeds. And, heavenly only knows I have directed a few unkind words their way for invading my lawn but I still think they are pretty little flowers.

And, of course, there is always Koty doing what he does best, hanging out looking good!

It was a lovely hike. Unfortunately, later in the afternoon I had to put down a sweet little white tail buck that someone ran over breaking his back. It makes me so mad. There was no need for it to happen except that the human cared for nothing but speeding mindlessly on a dirt road that you should never travel fast enough not to be able to avoid a confused creature. I'm not very happy with we humans today.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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