07 May 2010

Strange Things are Happening

Golden leaves seemingly suspended in air. Brilliant cottonwoods reflected on water as the wind riffles the surface. Both combine to give a somewhat surreal and painting like quality to this autumn scene. The exquisite colors seem to beckon viewers to turn up their collars and step into an autumn wonderland. I often feel Mother Nature guides me to these moments for how else could I show up at the precise instant in time when such and incredible scene fleetingly presents itself?

This image was shot in the Tobacco Valley near Eureka, Montana. Of the four seasons, autumn is my favorite and fall in Montana is truly wondrous. The state of Montana is blessed with so much natural beauty it hardly seems fair but we are happy to share. If you can’t make it to Montana you can bring Montana to you via this wonderful work of art.

This is limited edition print.
10     16 x 24
 5      24 x 36

 ©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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