11 May 2010

Many Thanks to My Customers-Greek Bailout

In recent weeks I have sold a number of my prints at my Imagekind store. Unfortunately, the company does not provided buyer information so there is no way that I can personally thank you. On the off chance that some of you are also readers of this blog I thought I would try to reach out to you here.

With the advent of the digital age the amount of image product that is out there is beyond overwhelming. When someone chooses my work to put their hard earned cash down for, well that's just a huge compliment and honor.  So, thank you ever so much.

I wasn't out with the camera yesterday as I suffered a severe bout of apoplexy when I read about the Greek bailout and that the Fed is throwing money in that hole as well. Just when I thought things couldn't become anymore insane they do this! I am beyond speechless.

I honestly believe we are observing the total destruction of the world as we know it. That every citizen isn't out in the streets expressing total outrage that this rape and pillaging of the American people in favor of corporate thieves and banksters is beyond my ability to conceive. The image below illustrates where I think we are.

If you don't own any gold better get some. It won't be long now before all fiat currencies are suitable for anything but toilet paper.

On a brighter note, I pilfered this video from the blog of a reader. It's a video of Betty White hosting SNL at the age of 88! I just think this woman is the bomb. She has the greatest sense of humor and I think that is the secret to her longevity.

I'll get back to photography as soon as I can see anything besides red!

©Kinsey Barnard Photograpy

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