13 May 2010

Whitefish, Montana-Clementine Pre-Flight

The weather is finally warming up and I am starting to get the wander lust. I usually take Clementine on an outing to the Flathead just to test out all the systems cuz if anything is amiss I have to take her to the Flathead anyway. Clem certainly was raring to go, she got over 20 miles to the gallon, I love that Mercedes diesel!

When we take our check trip I always stay one night at an RV park in Whitefish. From it you can walk right into town in about fifteen, twenty minutes. For those who may not know Whitefish it is a quaint little western town that you will most likely visit if you go to Glacier National Park.

It's amazing how much snow is still on the mountains. The photo below is of what's left on Big Mountain, the local ski area. I apologize for the poles. I'm told Going to the Sun Road won't be open for another six weeks.

The walk into town can be quite nice if you take Baker and walk along the Whitefish River. You can tell by the landscape that winter has been loathe to give up it's grip.

 When the willows come out of hibernation they turn yellow and it looks more like fall than spring.

Whitefish River

Back at the RV park I'm having some problems getting water in the bathroom basin. Cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Finally thought to take the strainer off and it was chock full of sand and grit. At first I couldn't imagine how that could have happened but then it dawned on me. I had used one of my irrigation hoses to flush the anti-freeze. I hadn't thought to flush the hose. I draw my irrigation water from one of my ponds oops!

Early next morning we took another wander down the river walk and I found this scene.

Whitefish River-Whitefish Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Whitefish River-Whitefish Montana by Kinsey Barnard

I was really hoping to find some wildflowers to photograph but the only flowers I found were in a window box on Central Avenue, the main drag.

Petunia-2 by Kinsey Barnard
Petunia-2 by Kinsey Barnard

Ok, I admit it I went a little wild with these petunia images but it was fun and I think they look kind of cool! :)

Petunia-1 by Kinsey Barnard

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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