29 May 2010

Wandering the Rexford Bench

The weather has not been kind. It has been cold, rainy, windy with even a little snow thrown in every now and again. For the past several years spring has gotten colder and colder. Watch out for that global warming, you may freeze to death. I can't even think about that boondoggle without seeing red.

Anyway, Koty and I took a little wander down along the Rexford Bench. The Reford Bench has a trail that goes along the bluff overlooking Lake Koocanusa.

This little trail is usually a good place to spy some of the different types of wildflowers.

No offense to anyone but I am going to dispense with a lot of the verbiage because I can tell by some of the questions I get and the amount of time people spend on the site they are really just scanning the photos. Writing is hard work.

I took this next photo just because I thought it was interesting. I believe the foliage is some type of wild holly? The leaf is clearly diseased and one half has perished. Still I think it makes for a fascinating still life study.

Another kind of leaf.

Another plant that always fascinates, particualrly in death, is the dandelion gone to seed.

I continue to be fascinated by the beautiful designs I keep finding in boulders. My all time favorite boulder, as well as, my favorite photograph period is "Kootenai Spirits".

And so, it was a pleasant afternoon spent walking alomg the bench observing the plant life and seeing yet another face of the Koocanusa.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Heather said...

I happen to like that you can draw me into what is going on and why you chose to take a certain pic.

I absolutely love those boulder pics!!!